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Africa Entrepreneurship Research And Education Community (AFEREC) is an NGO. It is a common knowledge that entrepreneurship serves as the engine of economic growth through fixing the ills of any society. Ghana has a lot of commercial opportunities that are not being unlocked at the pace that would trigger off economic self-reliance and better lives because most Ghanaians do not have the entrepreneurial mindset and skills to identify and exploit them.

This partly explains why foreigners come to Ghana and easily identify entrepreneurial opportunities and translate them into companies than Ghanaians can do even in their own country. Our educational system is not doing much to teach people how to identify and solve complex problems, let alone to talk of translating their solutions into entrepreneurial ventures. 

AFEREC believes that a holistic promotion of entrepreneurship in any country should be based on three main objectives or pillars , which are interdependent, in order to produce an all-encompassing and far-reaching impacts. Hence AFEREC’s  objectives are:

  • Promoting Venture Creation and Growth
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship Research and 
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship Education 

AFEREC are here to increase entrepreneurship awareness and to inspire students, the youth, and all manner of people to create new innovative businesses and to resuscitate ailing businesses. AFEREC brings together people with all manner of ideas and creates a community of entrepreneurs, researchers and educators and investors who can give additional help to fine-tune people’s discovered real entrepreneurial opportunities into profitable businesses.

  • The achievement of AFEREC’s objectives relies on the following structures:
  • Regional and District Entrepreneurship Coaches (The bed rock of AFEREC).
  • Community of both successful and failed entrepreneurs.
  • Community of entrepreneurship researches (In partnership with universities and research institutions).

The Regional and District Entrepreneurship Coaches  provide both in-office and on-field entrepreneurship coaching  services such as:

  • Creating awareness and inspiring people to generate business ideas.
  • Coaching people to develop their business ideas into innovative companies .
  • Coaching existing companies to grow.
  • Participating in research on business creation and business growth.  


AFEREC’s Vision: The Vision of AFEREC is to contribute in making Ghana and the rest of Africa entrepreneurial countries through proactively spreading and increasing entrepreneurship awareness to every Ghanaian/African school and community and, promoting and/or increasing entrepreneurship activities in these places necessary to lead Ghana/Africa to become economically self-reliant and providing better lives for their people. Through its activities, AFEREC seeks to minimize to a large extent the migration of Ghanaians/Africans to Western countries in search for non-existent greener pastures. AFEREC will ensure that if any Ghanaians/Africans are migrating to other countries, it is because they are internationalizing and globalizing their businesses, or have spotted entrepreneurial opportunities in those markets and are only entering such markets to exploit them and to return much of their profits to Ghana and Africa to boost their economies yet further.