Africa Entrepreneurship Research and Education Community (AFEREC) is an NGO that is based on three pillars: entrepreneurship, research and education. It is a common knowledge that entrepreneurship serves as the engine of economic growth through fixing the ills of any society. Ghana/Africa has a lot of commercial opportunities that are not being unlocked at the pace that would trigger off economic self-reliance and better lives because most Ghanaians/Africans do not have the entrepreneurial skills to identify and exploit them.


This is a daily activity where people can visit the offices of AFEREC for entrepreneurship coaching and where AFEREC’s coaches also go to the field.

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Within AFEREC, there is a research community that focuses on entrepreneurship research to streamline business creation processes and to promote entrepreneurship education.


This is a weekly programme where a 3-day pedagogical training is provided to teachers to upgrade their skills in teaching based on complex problem solving and entrepreneurial orientations.

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The lack of or the inadequacy of entrepreneurial mindset and skills have become a recipe for creating room for some of the youth to resort to crude methods of attracting money such as arm-robbery, cybercrimes, and the like just to make a living, or as alternative to become rich overnight.

This is a huge threat to the future leadership and the sustenance of our economic emancipation. This unfortunate situation is compounded by the woefully inadequate active entrepreneurship centers and programmes that provide face-to-face interactions with both students and non-students to inspire and to coach them to venture into entrepreneurship as a career path and to grow existing businesses.